"I came to Frani when I felt stuck in a rut, having done the same job for 19 years and not really knowing in what direction I wanted to take my career. She opened my eyes to the many skills I had accumulated over my working life and encouraged me to realize I had many skills an employer needs. She led me to my true passions in life which include working for a charity and giving back to society. We ended our sessions with an action plan and date I wanted to achieve my career transition. Frani reaffirms the need for all of us to work for a company that fires our passions as we spent most of our time at work."


"Working with Frani at People With Purpose has been absolutely fantastic. She’s a brilliant teacher and is really easy to get on with, and I was really comfortable communicating both my professional and personal problems/issues with her and she was able to really help with both. The exercises set were really helpful and have become excellent tools of reference for when I’ve been job hunting.

I felt that every minute of the sessions were used and provided value, and Frani definitely helped provide my job hunt with direction and purpose (both of which were pretty much lacking before I started working with her). She’s been incredibly supportive and encouraging with my job hunt, and without her help I’d be lost at sea and completely stuck. I can’t thank Frani enough for her help and tutoring – I’ve had a great time working with her and would strongly recommend anyone and everyone to use People With Purpose! "


"My chats with Frani helped me clarify what it is that I strive for from a role and exactly what ultimately makes me unhappy, whether they be external or internal influences. It has given me the courage to leave an office role that was a bad fit for me and am currently striving for a career within the Met Police that I would never have considered in the past. With the right mindset and belief system, environment and support, we can achieve anything. Frani helped me remember that and she can do that with you too."


"Frani has been a fantastic mentor for my career change to become an independent Career Coach. She has offered me a wonderful mix of practical tips and she has the ability to really listen and work with my supervision needs whilst setting up my business. She supported my vision and plans throughout and helped me grow in confidence in my ability to succeed. Thank you Frani."


"In 2017 I decided to take the leap-of-faith, step out of regular employment and become an independent Procurement professional. For the duration of this transition Frani supported me as my coach and mentor and I would be pleased to recommend her to anyone else considering a similar change. Having made her own radical life changes in the past, and as a skilful, professional Career Coach, Frani was able to offer both direct, practical advice and coaching-style support to help me in establishing my independent career. I am delighted to have had Frani by my side during the first steps of my journey."


"Thank you so much for being such a great listener and advisor. It has helped a lot coming to your sessions and has given me back motivation and focus."


"Frani simply 'gets' people – and her depth of understanding and sensitivity were prized far beyond the confines of our department."


"I have been in advertising and media for the better part of 19 years, and although I rarely take advice on my work from anyone, I recently sought Frani's advice on a major change I was considering in my professional career. I was looking at leaving the safety of my corporate job as a director of the company and going on my own. Frani asked me some hard questions about my motivations, and she also helped me to weigh up the pros and cons of what I was considering. She gave me equal measure of encouragement based on my reputation and network in the industry, along with solid advice on the pitfalls that I could be facing on my own. Although the choice was ultimately my own, I do believe that Frani gave me both the strength and practical tools to embark on my new adventure."

- E